P Houseplant Words

Peat Moss - Peat moss is like a sponge for your plant—it's a natural material in the soil that soaks up water to keep your plant nice and hydrated.

Perennial - A plant that lives longer than two years.

Perlite - Perlite is like the plant's personal air conditioner—it's this white, light and airy stuff in the soil that helps with drainage and keeps the roots from getting too soggy. 

Photosynthesis - Photosynthesis is like a magic trick that plants do to turn sunlight, water, and air into food for themselves, kind of like how we turn ingredients into a meal.

Pollen - Nature's tiny courier, carrying vital reproductive material between flowers to facilitate plant reproduction.

Pollinators Pollinators are nature's matchmakers, buzzing creatures that help plants find their perfect mate to produce fruits and seeds.

Pruning - Pruning is like giving your plants a haircut; it's the process of trimming away the extra branches and leaves to help them grow better and look their best.


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