T Houseplant Words

Tendril - Thin, spiraled extensions of certain plants, sometimes used for climbing or support.

Terrarium - A sealed or open glass container containing small plants, often creating a miniature ecosystem.

Topdressing - Adding a layer of material (such as mulch or decorative stones) to the top of the soil for aesthetic or practical purposes.

Topiary - Trees or shrubs that have been clipped and shaped into interesting designs like geometric shapes or animals.

Trailing - Plants with vines or stems that gracefully cascade down, adding an elegant touch to your space.

Transpiration - Transpiration is like a plant's version of sweating—it's when they release water vapor through tiny pores in their leaves to cool off, kind of like how we cool down when we perspire.

Tropical - Plants that thrive in warm and humid conditions, typically associated with tropical climates.


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